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At Reach Parenthood we strive to help everyone successfully reach his or her goal of becoming a parent. Our clinic provides various procedures for same sex couples to make available the opportunity of having a baby. It is our goal at Reach Parenthood to show you the countless possibilities existing to allow you and your partner to become a parent. We are excited to meet with you and begin one of the most incredible journeys of your life; becoming a parent. We have a specialist waiting to talk to you about our Same Sex Couple Baby Program, and we would like to provide you with a free phone consultation with our board certified specialist who can answer all of your questions and discuss the many options you have. We believe that every individual should experience the joy and wonder of parenthood.  

Once you and your partner decide to become parents, you will need to discuss the available choices and determine the best one for your family. Our board certified doctor, Dr. Peyman Saadat, will discuss the best option for you to have a baby. If you want to have a child with a biological connection to one of you, using donor eggs and a gestational carrier is a good option. Understanding the process will help you and your partner make informed decisions about how to build your family.  

So don’t wait any longer, you too can become a parent and there is no better time than now.
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Many people at the thier first visit with our board certified fertility doctor may ask questions about the following options:
• Gay couples wishing to find an egg donor for a surrogacy arrangement
• Gay couples wanting to co-parent and be hands on fathers
• Single men and women wanting to co-parent
• Can both donate their sperm for insemination
• Using a known surrogate and chances of having a healthy baby
• Women looking for advice on how to conceive using home insemination
• Lesbian couples wanting to choose a known donor who could be part of their child’s life
• What is the legal position when using a known donor or co-parenting
• Sperm donor evaluation
• How does a donor child feel about their donor father
• What health screening tests are required when undertaking insemination at home

Through the use of Assisted Reproductive Technologies, has helped gay couples become parents! We have a surrogate agencies that facilitate the search and identification of appropriate surrogates. Our certified fertility doctor have high success rates with almost every gay man be able to have a biological child.

We offer all fertility treatment procedures so every responsible individual or couple, regardless of marital status or sexual orientation can have the opportunity to become parents

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