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Our Fertility clinic Service:

Our fertility clinic offer various option during your journey to have a baby. We understand how important it is for you to be parent. Our board certified fertility specialist will answer all your questions.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF): The process of fertilizing eggs cells with sperm outside of the body. The procedure involves hormonally controlling a women’s ovulatory cycle, retrieving her eggs from the ovaries, and then fertilizing them with sperm in the laboratory. After fertilization has occurred the now embryos are transferred back into the woman’s uterus with the intent of implantation within a few days and pregnancy.


Female couples
- One female partners Ova + Donor Sperm + one partner carries
- One female partners Ova +Donor Sperm + surrogate
- Donor Ova + Donor Sperm + one female partner carries
- Donor Ova + Donor Sperm + surrogate
- Two partners eggs + donor sperms + 1 partner carries
- Two partners eggs + donor sperms + 2 partner carries

Males Couples
- Donor Ova + one or both partners sperm + surrogate
- Donor Ova + Donor Sperm + surrogate
- Traditional Surrogate = Egg from surrogate + Partner/Donor sperm
- Single male/female patient

Single Male
- Donor Ova + your Sperm + surrogate
- Donor Ova + donor Sperm + surrogate
- Traditional surrogate + your sperm
- Traditional surrogate + donor sperm



Single Female
- Your Ova + Donor Sperm + you carry
- Your Ova + Donor sperm + surrogate
- Donor Ova + Donor Sperm + you carry
- Donor Ova + Donor Sperm +surrogate

Egg Donor Placement Assistance:
- Our Same sex couple baby program offers assistance in finding and choosing the perfect Egg (Ova) donor for you. An egg donor is an individual whom wishes to donate her eggs. Once she has passed a number of screenings, both physical and mental, she is then eligible to be chosen by an intending parents to be their Egg Donor. The donor is then stimulated hormonally to produce a greater number of Ova and once the Ova have been retrieved from the donor her cycle is complete.

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI):
- The process in which sperm, either partner/donor or fresh/partner, is washed and then injected into the female reproductive track, during ovulation.

Pre-implantation Diagnosis (PGD):
- A genetic test preformed on embryos before implantation to screen for a number of different genetic abnormalities in addition to specific genetically inherited diseases, chromosomal abnormalities, and gender selection.

Embryo/Egg/Sperm Preservation and storage:
- The freezing and storage of ones embryos, eggs, and/or sperm to be stored for later use

Semen Analysis:
- Analysis done on ones sperm looking at a number of factors that can affect fertility; some of these include, sperm count, motility, morphology, volume, pH, and more.

Surrogate Agency Assistance
- A surrogate is a female individual who carries, in her uterus, another couples baby for the entirety of the pregnancy through the delivery of the Child.

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For infertile couples and single or lesbian women who want to have a child, donor egg and donor sperm programs offer best solution. For gay couples surrogacy is the best options to have their baby.